• Renee Rowland

Prelude: 19 NZ books in 2019

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

This is the blog of our 2019 reading challenge, to read more New Zealand Literature, specifically, to read 19 New Zealand books in 2019.

Upon finding that the first 'modern' NZ novel was written in 1861, we thought we better start with that, and proceed with at least one from every decade between then and now.

We are not sure what we will think or ask or find along the way, but we shall share our progress throughout the year in this blog. A blog post for every book.

If one likes to attribute meaning or read signs to coincidences, perhaps you will enjoy that in order to write 19 blogs about 19 books in 2019, one must write a blog every 19 days.

And so -

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