Beatrice Hill Tinsley was a world leader in modern cosmology especially noted for her study of Evolution of Galaxies. Her research on how galaxies evolve over time changed the standard method for determining distances to far galaxies, which, in turn, is significant in determining the size of the universe and its rate of expansion. She showed astronomers new ways of thinking and taught teachers new ways of teaching. 

A lover of nature and a conservationist who idealised New Zealand, her life is a classic study in the interaction of nature and nurture, genetics and environment. It is also an inspiring and unforgettable picture of a girl determined to be a scientist who grows up in provincial New Zealand and wins through to world renown. 

Beatrice Hill Tinsley was raised in New Plymouth, studied at Canterbury University, and then Texas. At time of her death she was Professor of Astronomy at Yale. She was also an accomplished violinist and foundation member of the NZ National Youth Orchestra established 50 years ago, a feminist, a battler for zero growth population growth and a champion of the oppressed.

About the author 

Christine Cole Catley was a fifth generation New Zealander. She was a writer, editor, publisher and lecturer.


A New Zealand hero brought out of obscurity in this fascinating 445 page biography by author Christine


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